Castle Keeper Jesse

When he’s not stomping around the woods, Jesse can likely be found at the gaming table or  a nearby convention. Raised by a gamer, he started playing games early and has never stopped. Jesse found Castles and Crusades when he visited the Troll Lord’s booth at Gencon 2007 to visit Gary Gygax. The Trolls got him then, and he’s never escaped.


Castle Keeper Carl

Carl Heyl is a level 2 podcaster with a +1 sword and 13 GP. He's from the home of the trolls in central Arkansas and runs Arkansas RPG Con with his wife Courtney. Carl is also one of the current hosts of The Save Or Die Podcast: Immortal Edition.


Castle Keeper TylerMO

Tyler "Tylermo" Morrison is a child of the 70's and 80's, and was introduced to role playing games in the fall of 1982. After many years of gaming, Tylermo first met the Trolls in 2003. Two years later, he would play his first game of C&C, After 5 years of buying product and stalking the Trolls, Tylermo asked for a job, and became the self-proclaimed Fanboy Convention Sales and Demo Guy! Tylermo is the father of two children. He worked in radio for 17 years, and has a black belt in the janitorial arts. Family fireworks sales paved the way to selling rpg's. He once sold 600 dollars of C&C merch on a grocery store parking lot. His verbose sales pitch has overwhelmed many an unsuspecting customer!